Negotiating Space


It is always fun working with the creator of No Place Like Home Desirée Dunbar (especially when it involves a big old house where we can dance in). We began working together in a her community dance ensemble Startdance nearly a decade ago.

The Aberthau Mansion has so much history which can be felt in every single square foot, and all those big rooms serve as inspiration for any creative individual. From the smell of the wood, the colours of the walls and the cracking sounds of the floors, the Aberthau Mansion is the perfect location to give birth to new stories.

It has been a great experience to witness Desirée give life to the show and figure out how to negotiate the different spaces within the mansion so the different scenes in the show can travel seamlessly throughout the different rooms. It is a treat to perform to live music (and even hear the musicians gifting their music to us during our breaks) and a great opportunity to work with people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds.

The process has been both enriching and challenging and it is always great to work with old friends as well as meeting new people. This show is unique and at the same time accessible to all audiences.


Join us for this journey through the rooms of Aberthau Nov 3 & 4 at 7:30pm in No Place Like Home. An intergenerational revisiting of the classic tale The Wizard of Oz. Grab your tickets quick at

Photo: David Cooper

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