The mission of Dezza Dance is to connect community and enhance creativity through Contemporary Dance, Collaborative Creative Dance & GUSH workshops, intergenerational programs and performances.  Dezza Dance is committed to artistic excellence and innovation.


Founded in 2013 by Desirée Dunbar, Masters of Fine Art in Choreography, University of Arizona, Dezza Dance provides workshops, and performances to enhance the lives of dance artists and enthusiasts.  

Dezza Dance offers movement classes in community centres and mentorship to emerging professionals; strengthening the cultural fabric of the community.  

She mentors youth in artistry/career in the year-long program Catalyst, provides a place to dance for older adults in Creative Collaboration Workshops and produces various concerts annually with Vancouver Parks Board and Community Centre Association partnerships.  

In the past decade she has founded the LINK Annual Community Dance Concert, Leg Up! Dance Project, Startdance and Connecting Community Dance Series.

Dezza Dance gratefully acknowledges partners Vancouver Parks Board, Arts, Culture and Environment, West Point Grey Community Centre, Trout Lake Community Centre and Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre.



Desirée Dunbar, Artistic Director/ Founder