Moving into a new home was easier than I Thought


Nerves. Unknown. Surprise. 

I walked into Aberthau mansion not knowing what to expect. In June I had just walked out of Arts Umbrella's doors, having been a part of their semi professional program for five years and finally feeling like it was time to move on. Desirée welcomed me with open arms. 

Home. Community. Support.

Moving into a new home was easier than I thought. This experience has just been so different than anything I've ever known. Being able to dance with people of all ages and backgrounds - community dancers, seasoned professionals, and my fellow apprentice - has broadened my view of what dance really is. What dance is is different for everyone, and fits into their lives in a myriad of ways. Movement is just so beautiful, and being able to experience it with a variety of view points is integral to the existence. This project has really helped me focus on the little things. 

Collaboration. Listening. Creation.

Having live musicians listening to our every move   and adapting their pieces to us has been amazing. It is such a privilege to have live musicians, both for the dancers and the audience. 

Journey. Character. Story.

Having a character as a dancer gives me purpose. It enhances my facial expressions and helps me channel my emotions. I am excited to perform with all the dancers in this company and in the beautiful Aberthau mansion which truly gives this story a sense of "home".


Photo: David Cooper

Derya Whaley-KaloaraComment