Dancing for Life


Dancing was for me always a way to express myself; to communicate what words can't communicate. Dancing at its best has a poetic quality, but then it is different from poetry because dancing is very much teamwork. Reading the movements and sentiments of others and still following a choreography is a balancing act that is not always achieved. I started to dance at an early age and continued for quite a while, only to stop due changes in my life. For a long period, dancing was a memory, something I missed but did not confess to missing. 

kirstin-luttich- dezza-dance

Then I discovered something new: community dance, taught by Desirée Dunbar. This was an eye-opener. Desirée did the magic: the discovery of community dance; the discovery of dance as a healing process; engagement with other community dancers of all abilities. And what is holding us together: the love of dance, the joy of movement. And now dancing with professionals. My Sundays are filled with dancing; my head is filled with dancing. We, the community dancers, look at those young dancers, and it is such a joy to watch them and to dance with them. Did I mention our wonderful musicians? Another special treat being accompanied by Cello and Viola.

I am so thankful for this enriching opportunity and experience. 

Thank you to all of you!


Kerstin speaks on her No Place Like Home Journey in video below

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