The Essence of Home

I leave our Sunday rehearsals feeling so alive and enriched by this experience of sharing dance with professional dancers and my community dance group.

My journey to dance has come later in my life and I learn so much from watching the energy, passion and beautiful moves of the professional dancers. And it is not that I need to copy the moves, but I can capture some of these qualities into my own body.

The essence of home resonates on so many levels, and being part of this collaborative ensemble has helped to deepen my own dance experience, feel more at " home" within my own body and my new dance community. Desirée has set the tone of collaboration, support  and playfulness which which has enhanced the creativity of all involved regardless of our background and dance experience. 

My gratitude goes out to all the dancers, our wonderful musicians and Desirée who have been part of this journey. 


Linda RosenheckComment