This is a type of home: the people you return to


I have created music for ten pieces of Desiree’s choreography.  The processes have varied incredibly: for the Astro Dance Project I wrote sheet music for a chamber ensemble and never stepped foot in the rehearsal room.  And So It Goes and Tremor are both pre-recorded electronic compositions, and Drawing the Line got a rather harsh field recording of road works.  Flap and Whirl was the first outing for my moody pop project Iffy South.  Submerge was for amplified viola and percussion.  Port in the Storm, Chiaroscuro and now No Place Like Home are collaborations with my band The End Tree.

Martin Reisle is another frequent collaborator for me.  We have had different versions of The End Tree for a decade.  We first met as members of an improv choir.  In the last year we co-arranged for string orchestra and choir for David Ward’s upcoming album, co-composed Here, We Forget Faster for orchestra and 3-speed tape recorder, toured and recorded Corey Payette’s Children of God, and released The End Tree’s record Everything I Can’t.  We have worked together on theatre, dance, circus, weirdo shows.  We have toured Europe, the UK and Canada together.

With each of these artists every collaboration undertaken is a reinvention of our creative partnership.  Something gift-wrapped.  A yellow brick road.  Exciting and unpredictable, but also trustworthy and comfortable.

I am working with two of my most constant collaborators.  There’s No Place Like Home is a type of home.  What will it be this time?


Elliot VaughanComment