Caring Energy


I was having a conversation with one of the Community Dancers last Sunday where we both shared our thoughts and feelings towards collaborating and moving with such a diverse group. 

She shared her thoughts on what it is like to work with a younger, more energetic group of dancers. The space where competitive energy usually has been replaced with supportive, encouraging, and caring energy. The absence of undesired energies such as competitiveness has brought much joy to her life and an even greater abundance of creative and somatic discoveries. 


As a dancer who has spent the majority of her life in the studio training and creating with similar individuals, I jumped on the idea to work in a different setting. I did not however, think this experience would be as gratifying as it has been. With what our 'younger' energy brings to the creative process, the supportive and light-hearted energy that the Community Dancers bring each day has made my Sunday mornings one of the most cherished parts of my week. We enter the space not knowing exactly what is going to become of the three hours we are spending together but we know that by the end of it something supportive, organic and authentic will emerge-- and that is a really beautiful thing to experience and be a part of.


Jenna KraychyComment