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Your passion for the arts and bringing it to all ages is something I admire and appreciate SO much. I really, really, REALLY, miss dancing and it fills my heart to see people from all walks of life being able to enjoy and give the gift of art. I just wanted you to know how great a night it was. Thank you!
— Sarah Adebahr

I went to see this last night and it was incredible!!! I was captivated the entire performance. I just read it’s sold-out for tonight but there’s a waitlist at the door. Congratulations Desirée Dunbar and the entire troupe. Rumour is ... there may well be next year too!
— Stan Wardle, Production Manager


Loved it!! Loved it!!! So appreciate the opportunity to have seen it!
Thank you, so much, again for No Place Like Home! There was quite a lively conversation on the way back to the North Shore afterwards as we were very impressed by the dynamics of the way in which the community was integrated into the performance. My first thought in hearing that it was going to be a “progressive performance” was that I wasn’t sure how it was going to all work out. However – having seen the performance, not only did you integrate community members along with professional dancers in the presentation but the whole audience was engaged throughout the performance. I felt, in moving through the House, that I was actually one of the performers somehow.
Looking forward to the next occasion!!
— Sarah R. Ahmadi Executive Director Pro Arte Centre


Most incredibly moving performance.
A must see.
The original compositions
Gifted musicians
Outstanding choreography
Deeply moving performances by professional dancers
Emerging and joyfilled community dancers in a magnificent mansion setting.
Truly There is No Place Like Home.
Now there must be more performances for future audiences down the road...
— Joanne Helten, Proud Parent
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MEet the cast 

Cast members speak on No Place Like Home premiered Nov 3 & 4, 2017


Kerstin Lüttich | Community Dancer


Glenna Wong | Community Dancer

Derya Whaley-Kalaora | Toto (Catalyst Apprentice)


Linda Maschak | Community Dancer


Rachel Helten | Scarecrow


Cody Cox | Tin Man


Jenna Kraychy | Dorothy


Kestrel Paton | The Wicked Witch  (Catalyst Apprentice)


Garrick Jang | The Wizard



Videography by Willan Leung



The End Tree is the Vancouver-based collaborative songwriting project of Elliot Vaughan (Viola/Voice) and Martin Reisle (Cello/Voice). A unique brand of hallucinatory, melodramatic chamber-pop. Songs for strange and beautiful margins; intense, absurd, soft, playful, intricate. Something like if Béla Bartók ran the Dirty Projectors as a string and vocal duet.


Read blogs by the musicians over here >>>


In addition to The End Tree, they work with David Ward, Only A Visitor, Wake Owl, Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast, Maria in the Shower, Very Good, and collaborate regularly within Vancouver’s Dance and Theatre communities.

The End Tree recorded and self-released the EP Everything is Strange in 2012, and plan to release a full-length record in 2017. With Jay Malinowski and the Deadcoast they released the Indian Summer EP (2013) and the full-length Martel (2014).
In 2012, they joined the six-week Revival Tour of Europe with Chuck Ragan, Cory Brannan, Emily Barker, Rocky Votalato, and Jay Malinowski. In Canada, they have performed in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Listen to their latest release below

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