We Find Home in Each Other 

Walking down the street framed by dancing trees, vibrant vistas and the melody of birds. I find a deep sense of calm and excitement each time I walk to rehearse at The historic Aberthau Mansion with Dezza Dance. I am greeted by the history of the 100+ year old home, all the energies that once roamed and the life that fills the space now. Warm smiles greet me, a cozy window seat over looking a charming view. The dark wood of the walls and floors echoing the mysteries of the past. We settle in a circle with the mystic minstrels of The End Tree and dance artists from various generations. It is a great pleasure and unique experience to share the space with the dancers of Desiree's adult creative class. I have the privilege of assisting this class and find these brilliant beings enrich my life with their bravery, openness, curiosity and whimsical nature's time and time again. Each artist here is generous in their willingness to share, connect and be present. It feels welcoming. Intimate. Like Home. 


We begin our process often with a guided meditation and discourse surrounding the work. These acts of mindfulness I feel are so often forgotten in creative processes. Where I feel it is an integral part of the work. We warm up together, moving as one and I find I learn more about these souls each time we dance. For I know that undeniably my stories, the people and places I've come to know become apart of each and everyone of my dances. We then generate and refine movement with thoughtful intention.  

The worries of our ego's are quelled in this environment. Each of our voices are given a space to be heard, our vulnerability and openness are welcomed. Ultimately, I feel free. I dance differently because of this. There is no sense of a stark hierarchical shift but a gentle leadership that motivates, challenges and excites. Here our energies intimately intertwine. Here we find home in each other. 


Rachel HeltenComment