Three Laughing Scarecrows


This blog begins reflecting about my 2nd day rehearsal memories of No Place Like Home.


I was able to get there on time. I worked up the nerve to talk to my tai chi master about getting out of teaching by 10:30 am to drive across town for dance rehearsals.

The warm up included a guided visualization and a group massage. Glenna and Jean put me in the right mood.

We reviewed last Sunday's choreography. Young professional dancer, Kestrel, has been my partner in a sequence. The intergenerational bonding has already begun simply by pairing us in duo moves where we have to count on each other. Kestrel and I have discussed giving cues to help each other.

During the afternoon, I observed Desiree' s choreography process: 1) gives us an image or some moves to improvise from 2) gets feedback and reshapes the improv 3) repeats 2nd step 4) decides later how she might cut and paste the sequence to other sequences.

After the rehearsals, I've been giving Linda M. and Lan a lift to Granville. On West Broadway, in my pale blue Hyundai, we became three laughing scarecrows on the yellow brick road towards Kansas, joking about how we've used up all our brain pixels for the day.