Having a Goal


I became a passionate community dancer after I retired from full time employment and joined the Roundhouse Ageless Dancers.  I thoroughly enjoyed the improvised group dancing.  With some trepidation, had my first experience performing at the annual Link Community Dance Showcase.  After that first experience, I was "hooked" on performance.

What is it that attracts me to the performance experience?  I am fascinated by and enjoy being involved in the process of creating choreography and watching the dance unfold.  Each choreographer does this a little differently.  With Desirée, I appreciate how she is able to involve us in creating the choreography.  We may start with a guided improvisation either individually or small group, then move to combining this with others or the whole group in sequence, unison or other creative way.


I like having a goal, the performance, to work towards.  I also enjoy the process of refining our steps, movements, expression and spatial groupings to create a satisfying experience for an audience.  Last week's rehearsal, was my first experience working dramaturg, Ruth McIntosh. I was thrilled to see how her questions and comments helped to clarify our intentions and therefore how we communicated through our dance.

Last, but not least, I enjoy working with others as part of a team toward a common goal.  Desiree has created an ideal environment for this and has integrated the professional and community dancers and musicians in a very effective manner.  In a short time, we have developed a sense of camaraderie which I will always cherish.

I am looking forward to the inevitable excitement and adrenaline rush that I experience with performance.  After the performances are over, I know I will experience a sense of loss and will miss working with all the dancers and musicians.  Thank-you to Desirée and all dancers and musicians for creating such a positive and enriching life experience. 


Photo: David Cooper | Dancers: Glenna Wong & Kerstin Luettich

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