Exercising Empathy

When I set out to create a performance I usually begin with an idea or concept that has been floating around my mind. 

There are times when I am influenced by music as well, and I will begin to put phrases together. Once I have worked with the dancers my idea inevitably shifts as they bring their perspectives and movement styles. We communicate what my ideas are and what’s physically possible or what feels more natural for them, and through this process create a performance.

The idea for my work Intermutual premiering March 10 & 11 in Vancouver, stemmed from a curiosity to explore the relationship between dance and emotion. I had questions about how we each process thoughts and feelings and how movement could validate or clear these sentiments.

My research brought me to the term ‘sonder’, a term fabricated by John Koenig for “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”.

As we explored this concept in the studio the relevance of having an all female cast seemed paramount as women to the south fight to be heard during these confusing times in the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world.

I wanted to look at the importance of community among women as well as their individuality, but most importantly how we need to exercise the basic human emotion of empathy and not be divided by the subtext.

Carly was selected as a emerging choreographer to create and present new work in Chiaroscuro.  She has been a member of Catalyst since 2013 and danced in professional Dezza Dance projects.  Read more here >>>

See Carly's new work Intermutual in the upcoming Dezza production of CHIAROSCURO.  More info here >>>