My Three Strategies to Avoid Burnout


I absolutely love creating dance productions and am so grateful to know in my heart what my purpose is and to be living it.

Loving your work means you can do it all day along and the rewards far outweigh the hours of hard work put in.

Sometimes I am guilty though of getting so wrapped up in a project that I loose sight of my own needs and my fuel gauge takes a dive.

The reality is if I go down the whole ship goes down and I absolutely have to make my vitality a priority in all that I do.

I have shared these three strategies to keep the tank topped up for optimal performance with my dance students and they work! 

In this video we will do a guided meditation together.  Skeptical that sitting still can be productive?  I love skeptics and I dare you to try it!  I promise that at the very least you will have taken a few minutes of your busy day to focus on you and move into an enhanced state of relaxation.

With love,


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