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I warmly welcome you to join me for my 6 Week Intensive to explore the work of iconic Modern Dance pioneer Martha Graham May 3- June 12, 2018, Vancouver, BC.

The 6 Week Intensive encourages you to rise to your full potential, receive energetic nourishment, embody powerful archetypes and develop supportive relationships with other beautiful Goddesses.

The 6 Week Intensive is a sacred, energy womb space of pure potential for us to be held in and to come together to celebrate life, creativity, authenticity and community.

By entering the matrix of Martha Graham repertoire your soul will sing, your body temple will be nourished and your true feminine essence will shine. Be supported in an authentic and empowering expression of your uniqueness.

This educational journey gives you consistent support and guidance and is a catalyst of transformation, healing and artistry.

Embodying archetypes that portrayed women’s strength, power and grace was a thread running through Martha’s prolific work. In the 6 Week Intensive we dive deep into archetype exploration of Joan of Arc, Medea and Clytemnestra to bring to the surface unconscious blocks ready to be healed.

It is time to embody the sacred, to allow your gifts and power to emerge with grace and join together to create the change that is needed in our world today. As you stand in your power and welcome in the medicine of dance you become a beacon of light for others to follow in your footsteps.

In reverence to the dancer within each of us,

Desirée Dunbar

Contact: info@secretgardensociety.com | 604-786-0054



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