Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, drained, powerless?  Are you healing an injury or emotional wounds?

In each energy healing session Desirée offers you inner-work guidance, energy healing and actionable strategies to be on path to manifesting your authentic dreams and living a truly inspired life that is even better than you could have imagined.

Learn to amplify your inner-guidance system in order to hear, trust and act in ways that bring success and fulfillment.

Clear away energy that doesn't serve you and allow more of your own energy in so that you become grounded in your own unique path.

Alongside her dancing career she has had the privilege of having her abilities opened up by incredible healers and teachers in energy healing modalities including Reiki, Energetic NLP and intuition development.  Her ability to work with energies has greatly enhanced her artistic and personal life- bringing profound joy and satisfaction.

You can expect to clear, heal and transform blocks and limiting beliefs through guided meditation and powerful energetic processes.

You will learn empowering skills to:

  • Nourish and integrate your body, mind, spirit and soul
  • Enhance deep self-love and open to your authentic purpose
  • Boost your body's healing system
  • Trust in the unfolding of life and know that the universe has got your back

Are you getting excited?  Get started now!

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What people are saying

Even before we started our skype session I felt incredibly lifted by knowing I was going to meet with Desirée. She is inspiring, full of heart, intuitive, and an overall beautiful being yet has such a humble ease about her that even though we were exploring deep places of self it was as if we were giggling over a glass of wine. Desirée helped me get back to my true self and uncovered things I didn’t know were there. During the session I could feel how much she believed in me and her gentle intuitive guidance left no space for self-doubt to seep in and because of this I was able to find the confidence to own my power again and continue using the things I learned. I would recommend Desirée to anyone who wants to learn more or find themselves again through a process of play and imagery and maybe a few sparkles thrown into the mix if you’re into that;).
— Jaezila Crittendon, Artistic Director, Saskatchewan Music Express School
I began one-on-one sessions with Desirée with the hopes to further develop and connect to my personal and artistic practices. Not only did I achieve my personal goals, but Desirée provided me a personalized toolkit of strategies to promote wellness, fulfillment and success in all areas of my life. Each session was catered to my
needs incorporating elements such as guided meditation, Pilates and yoga movement practices, Reiki sessions, and collaborative brainstorming methods. Desirée’s commitment to my personal and artistic growth made the experience inspiring, invaluable, and fun! Attending one-on-one sessions with Desirée has prepared me to continue with the pursuit of my professional dance career with wellness, confidence and passion!
— Jenna Lee Hay, Dance Artist
Desirée has given me valuable tools in our skype sessions that have allowed me to be open to and cultivate opportunities in my journey as a dancer. I have struggled in the past from blocking myself from my path and through Desirée’s guidance I have been able to tap into my own voice and to trust my intuition. As a dancer it can be difficult to manage everything that is expected of us, and to find your own voice at the same time. Working together allowed me to confidently take my dreams and journey into my own hands and do so from a self love and connected form.
— Akeisha De Baat, Dance Artist