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Join me in-person for an embodied practice of awakening. Activate your natural healing system, strengthen your core and connect to soulful expression through guided movement explorations. ⠀

Connect mind, body and soul and weave the threads of you into integrated wholeness. Be supported and empowered in the call of community and grace. With our collective intention to clear, heal and enhance our lives we make quantum shifts into a deeper state of peace and fulfillment. Connect more to the profound undercurrent of joy. Unleash creativity through music and dance. Strengthen your body and your body-mind connection. Open your arms and say yes to the universe. Energize the yes through expressive movement.⠀

Arrive however you are. No need to be in perfect health. Show up with the intention to cultivate greater health and to move with ease, flow and grace while strengthening your connection to the Universe. Move energy through your body and field to aid in manifestation. What is it you are letting go of now? What is it you are creating in your life now? Move to manifest. Let your soul speak through your body. What is it yearning to say?⠀

Women of all ages join in this call to re-connect to a community of movers, lightworkers and leaders. Create the change. Honour all parts of yourself and dive deep into your well of creativity. Let it overflow into all aspects of your life and nourish all loved ones.⠀

I am thrilled to facilitate a space for grace and nourishment in our GUSH 3 Week Workshop. I welcome you! 

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Love Desirée⠀

Cost: $55 (including tax) until JAN 31st only. Starting Feb 1st cost is $70.

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