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Dance Enhance with Desirée Dunbar


Workshop $25 suggested donation (Cash at door)

This will be a fun and transformational experience.  We will move, play and heal energetic blocks.

In this workshop you will:

  • gain inner-work tools to enhance creativity
  • enhance your experience of deep satisfaction and joy 
  • explore deep self-love 

Who is this for?

Dancers, passionate creatives and anyone wanting to advance gracefully into their potential. 18+ years  

This will be very beneficial if you:

  • are aiming for a career in the performing arts
  • are currently a professional and looking to get to the next level
  • want to be more creative
  • are concerned about financial stability
  • have a fear of failing
  • have a fear of succeeding
  • have a fear of the future
  • don't feel capable
  • healing from trauma or injury
  • are willing to step up your game


My approach is playful, creative and caring.  Working with energies in a group setting makes this incredibly powerful.  Each person brings vast wisdom (whether conscious or not).  Please bring a journal and a cup for tea.