Created by Desirée Dunbar


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Catalyst Dance:

Sophie Brassard, Lily Cryan, Jenna-Lee Hay, Rachel Helten, Lesley Kosinski & Melissa Panetta &

The End Tree:

Aiden Brant Briscall, Martin Reisle & Elliot Vaughan



videography by brenda kent

Promotional material design by Juan Villegas

Thank-you to our partners West Point Grey Community Centre & Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre and all those making this performance possible!


Dear Audience member,

Thank-you so much for attending our production A Port in the Storm

This idea has been brewing for awhile.  I began a residency here at Aberthau Mansion in 2013 and my movements have inevitably been influenced by the spirit of the house.  I had the idea to make capturing the energy of the energy of the house a focus for a performance and this is the result. 

Composer Elliot Vaughan and I have been making art together for sometime now and his collaborative project The End Tree was the perfect fit to fill the house with incredible sound.  Catalyst Dance is a project of mine stemming from a deep passion to provide pre-professional dancers with life skills to gracefully navigate obstacles on the path.  The dancers you see in this show are incredibly wise young women who share a love of soulful expression through the body.  James our lighting magician met in my dance class at SFU last year and I am very impressed at what he has done to create the mood and all with low voltage restrictions and a tight budget.

All the artists have been spending countless hours in the studio together as well as training and practicing individually to explore, create, refine and hopefully co-create a performance that has meaning and potential to catalyze shifts within each of us- whether it's excitement, inspiration, new knowledge or perhaps a enhanced connection to the divine.

As artists we are navigating the energy of our own essential spiritual information, the synergy of the whole cast, the response from you and opening to being vessels for inspiration to move through.  This requires setting ourselves up with the perfect environment that is rich with potential for all of this to come together in the one hour we share the experience.  Pretty cool.  Thanks for being a part of that.

I am ever grateful to the selflessly supportive arts programmers at Moberly, West Point Grey & Trout Lake: Lorrie, Danita and Eva who facilitate my crazy ideas and make them possible.

With much love and appreciation,



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