Dear audience, artists, community centre staff, arts programmers and volunteers,

Wow, what a night! 

The house was brought to life in a magical way from the resonating tones of The End Tree, the soulful, spirit like dancing of Catalyst Dance, the eerie lights and hanging crystals created by James and you and all the audience who moved throughout the house on our theatrical journey. 

My definition of success is an experience of abundance and meaning and there sure was a lot of that last night.  I believe that we all come together for a reason and that everyone who was involved in the show or in attendance was exactly meant to be there.  You were the perfect group of amazing people to be part of our performance "ceremony".  Even the weather was perfect with the incredible gusts of wind during the final scene in the Oak room and the violet sky and full moon upon departure.

The dancers were overcome with excitement backstage following the show commenting how amazing it was to be so close to the audience.  Yes, this is a very different experience than being in a proscenium box like theatre.  We were all in it together.  I am inspired to "think outside the box" to encourage audiences to be re-inspired to see live performance.  I greatly appreciate the synergy of energies that occurs between the public and the artists and aim to facilitate that on a deep level.

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for taking part and I hope to see you at another Dezza event soon. 

Much love,


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