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Hi there!  My name is Desirée Dunbar and I love to share my passion and knowledge of healthy movement.


As we know we must keep moving to feel great.  That's what this class is all about.  I've had a long career as a dancer and if I had to say just one thing that has allowed me to do it... it's Pilates!

Pilates is a movement method created by Joseph Pilates and it has stood the test of time simply because it works.  

I've called this class "Free Flow Pilates & Stretch" because I've added my own twist to the classical technique.  I curate inspiring playlists and each mat exercise fits to the music.  We stretch, breathe and for a special treat we do a final relaxation/ guided meditation.

Not to worry if you're new to this form of movement.  Anyone can do it!  I give lots of versions of each exercise so you can choose the intensity level that serves you best.  

Working with injuries?  Not a problem.  This is a great way to heal more rapidly.  We open up energy centres, align and strengthen the whole body and focus on the core for sustained health.  

My students say they feel refreshed and great after class.

Have questions?  I'm here to help at 

Watch the video below to see an example of our class


We are located at Aberthau Mansion at 4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1K4


Contact: 604-257-8140