COLLABORATIve CREATIVE dance workshops

We launched the "Take the Lid off your Creativity" Dezza Dance Program this summer. Garrick and I met in different parks around Vancouver to meditate, move and collaborate on a solo performance for a gig at Trout Lake Community Centre in August. The final result? A Reggae Dance we call Enjoy Yourself! Take a look at the live show above. Enjoy yourself!!


Learn more about why Tannis has participated in Collaborative Creative Dance Workshops for three years in this video below.

Desirée is intuitive and supportive. She is a talented dancer with a successful dance company, yet she loves being with us. What a gift she is! When you are a senior and you find a younger, dynamic person who loves being with you, it is life affirming.
— Tannis F

Watch this video of our Trout Lake Collaborative Creative Dance Workshop (2015)




Watch this video of some of our favourite moments at West Point Grey Community Centre with Desirée Dunbar Creative Collaborative Dance workshop facilitator 





Desirée Dunbar is an award winning professional dancer and choreographer. She received a Masters of Fine Arts in 2012 from the University of Arizona and founded Dezza Dance Company in 2013.

She is a celebrated educator specializing in healthy ageing programs and instructs weekly Collaborative Creative Dance Workshops for Older Adults in Vancouver.

The recent Dezza Dance production No Place Like Home featured an intergenerational cast with older adult community dancers and young professionals teaming up to interpret the classic tale of Wizard of Oz. The live music by string duo The End tree and the character of the Aberthau Mansion added to a delightful evening of contemporary dance.

Dezza Dance is resident dance company at Aberthau Mansion/ West Point Grey Community Centre.



Take a creative journey... 

Desirée’s professional expertise as a dance artist and educator, plus her enthusiasm and encouragement is amazing. I find her dance classes extremely worthwhile as they encompass all that a community centre dance program should be. Her classes promote health (in all aspects), creativity, joy, friendship, and collaboration for older adults of all ages, abilities and cultures in a very fun, safe, encouraging and supportive environment.
— Linda M

Hear more about linda's creative journey now in the video below.


Enhance your creativity and move your body...

I love the seniors dance program with Desiree Dunbar on Fridays! I am 72 years old, and it is wonderful to find a program where I can move to music, within my own capabilities. It is fun to play with movement, and to be creative with a group of like minded folks. I enjoy the camaraderie as much as the movement- no one judges, and we all enjoy ourselves. Lots of laughter and hugs.
— Mary
Their dance is immediate, improvisational, and passionate. Rather than dancing to music, they become it as they channel the eclectic soundtracks provided by lead artist Desirée Dunbar - from Neil Young to classical orchestral symphonies. The spacious room in which they move becomes a forest, or a scene of creation, or an overcrowded elevator. 
— Dr. Claire Robson

Hear how Garrick's creative journey has impacted all areas of life in the video below.


Tap into your inner playful and artistic self...



Join Desirée Dunbar in this collaborative creative dance workshop

Enjoy spontaneous movement exercises to eclectic & inspiring music

More about Desirée over here >>>

Made possible by Arts & Health Project for Healthy Aging, West Point Grey Community Centre & Trout lake Community Centre

With the passing of my 95 year old father I have used some of the meditation and energy healing and stress reduction exercises learned in class to help comfort my father in his final days.
— Glenna W



It takes a very special skill both as a dancer and understanding of community dance to create and build on an atmosphere of trust and self expression. As an older adult, not only have been able to improve my flexibility and strength, but also to connect with others through movement. I leave the class feeling more peaceful, refreshed and looking forward to our next class. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone – dance skill is not required, just a willingness to move.
— Linda R


Where, When & How


Trout Lake Community Centre

Mondays 12:30-2pm in Grandview Room

REGISTER in-person, by phone or on-line

3360 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4M4

(604) 257-6955

We greatly aknowledge this as a subsidized program by Trout lake Community Association and thankful to Arts & Health Project for initiating the project in Sept 2015.


West Point Grey Community Centre

Fridays 12:30-2pm in Oak Room

Free (registration required)

REGISTER in-person, by phone or on-line

4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1K4

 (604) 257-8140

We greatly aknowledge this as a subsidized program by West Point Grey Community Centre and previously an Arts & Health Project initiative.

Deeply engaged, they move, invent, compose and choreograph every Monday afternoon at Trout Lake Community Centre. Dogs and their owners stroll by the windows, oblivious to the large themes being investigated in the sunny spacious room inside – topics such as gratitude, beginnings, and opposites.
— Dr. Claire Robson

LINK Community Dance Showcase 2017


Beginnings (2017)

Older Adults Creative Collaborations Class

Trout Lake Community Centre

Oh Mother (2017)

Older Adults Creative Collaborations Class

West Point Grey Community Centre





 Watch part of our Trout Lake class above


We now have weekly classes to either pre-reigseter for (10 weeks sessions) or to drop-in to. Mondays at Trout Lake Community Centre and Fridays at West Point Grey Community Centre. Both are from 12:30-2pm.  

To register call:

Trout Lake Community Centre | 604-257-6955

West Point Grey Community Centre | 604-257-8140

Joining Older Adults Creative Collaborations is for you if:

  1. You're looking for a weekly, fun activity

  2. Want more creative expression in your life

  3. Love music

  4. Want to enhance creativity

  5. You are willing to be curious, playful & joyful

  6. You enjoy being with creative, kind & adventurous folks

  7. You see the importance in continuing to move your body


We will meditate, stretch, move, learn steps, memorize phrases, co-create dances, discuss art, learn hands on healing techniques to heal yourself and others and have fun!

Move at your own pace.  Healing an injury or working with pain?  This is an opportunity to bring skillful awareness to healthy alignment of your body and how to create healthy movement patterns.  You will find yourself getting gradually stronger, more flexible and agile.

This isn't a workout class- it's a creative and artistic experience... but you will find you get your heart rate up and that you stretch, lengthen and tone your muscles.

Don't worry we won't be moving the entire time.  There are lots of times we are sitting on chairs and stretching or taking water and chat breaks or pausing to watch a group and discuss what we saw.

I always ask that you move at your best pace and adjust anything for your own body.  Please let me know if you are working with injury, pain or trauma.  I'm here to help.



Good question!  No tutus or special shoes required.  Be your self and wear any comfy clothes that allow you to move freely.  Layers are helpful to adjust to temperature changes.  Sometimes we are still and sometimes we are moving more. 

Bare feet, cotton socks or runners are all great options.

Bring a water bottle.  You'll get thirsty.