Collaborative Creative Dance @ TROUT LAKE COMMUNITY CENTRE

Welcome all people 55+ years who love to dance!

Please join us Mondays 12:30-2pm at Trout Lake Community Centre. Only $5 to drop-in. We are grateful for Trout Lake Community Association's support in this project!

This weekly class is all about unleashing creativity, connecting to joy and cultivating a community of boomers who love to move. If you love the way you feel after dancing, expressing yourself artistically, chatting about art and life and laughing... then this is for you!

No experience necessary. Grab a comfy pair of shoes, your water bottle and bring a warm layers. We often finish up class with Reiki healing. 

Please join in our Trout Lake Dance mailing list below to receive class + performance updates. This is for current dance students and all dance lovers.